Werner Seeger

The person behind the offer.

In my more than 35 years of professional experience, I have learned that both technical and social competence are existential components of efficient personnel and organizational development. I have learned the tools of the trade as a machine fitter, quality manager, auditor, consultant, interim manager, facilitator of change processes and as a coach.
In my understanding of values, working at eye level is one of the essential prerequisites for sustainable successful work. Quality connects.


Werner Seeger

My values

Integrity and confidentiality
A coaching and/or consulting process is characterized by trust, integrity and closeness. Part of this trust is that all results, such as your learning and benefit reports, findings and resulting notes, naturally remain among us and serve exclusively our joint work. This is what I assume for all those involved.

Head, heart and hand
finding the right balance between closeness and neutrality is a cornerstone of appreciative communication. Among other things, absolutely non-violent communication is important to me.

My self understanding
Only those who remain in the learning process throughout their lives can pass on knowledge and experience in an applicable way. For me as a person, consultant and coach it is also important to learn permanently. For this purpose I regularly attend corresponding further training courses.

Leading means bringing people’s abilities to bear. The prerequisite for this is that I can lead and guide myself.

Werner Seeger