You want to develop yourself, you want to reflect on your daily routine, you want to optimize and change your actions as a manager, as an employee and as a human being.

I realize that sometimes I get into a squirming mess, but I just want to do it well and right. What now?

I experience myself as listless, nagging around, criticizing in resistance – why actually?

I have a new, different leadership responsibility. Now I want to take my chance and make a perfect start. What do I make sure that I have a successful start?

As a coach I accompany you at

  • the development of your leadership skills and personality
  • the improvement of your self-perception and self-control
  • your professional orientation
  • Dealing with crises, conflicts and violence Recognition of influencing factors, processes and interdependencies
  • Development of complex solutions and implementation strategies
  • Preparation of important negotiations Discussion and protection from important decisions

My work is based, among other things, on the 4-factor model of TCI and on the basis of the continuous change of function/person in a situation.

In a first interview your needs are determined and based on these findings your coaching plan is developed.

I accompany you or the team in your development process and sharpen your senses in self-perception, external perception and reflection. The possibility of a change of perspective, for example through the method of “thank you walking”, is also important.