Ge(h)danken wandern

Individual coaching is also possible in compliance with current contact restrictions, distance rules and hygiene regulations. Because especially in a crisis like this it is more important than ever to motivate teams, to solve mental blocks and to develop personally.

” The thoughts walk ” is a hiking coaching in
the Neuburg-Schrobenhausen region. True to the motto “think global, act local” we explore nature in small groups or during an individual coaching. Exercising in the fresh air provides the necessary distance from everyday life and helps to identify possible problems and difficulties. Step by step we get closer to a possible solution.

Target group:
The coaching ” The thoughts walk ” is suitable for companies as well as for individuals:
For example, companies can use the walking coaching profitably to build up management staff, strengthen teams and develop new strategies in terms of change management.
For start-ups, company founders and interested individuals, this somewhat different type of coaching offers the opportunity to discuss individual topics such as self-direction and organisational design.

The coaching is based on the motto “coaching differently”: After a short preliminary discussion via telephone or video conference we walk together through the Upper Bavarian countryside – in pairs or in a small group of like- minded people. Subsequently, the findings are consolidated and implemented step by step under professional supervision.

Each participant should bring walking shoes, a
rain jacket, a notebook and enough to drink.

5 x 180 minutes:
Module 1: Getting to know the coach and participants
Module 2: Defining wishes, identifying stumbling blocks
Module 3: Recognizing and using values Module 4: Finding sources of motivation
Module 5: Implementation in everyday life

950,00 Euro plus tax

Dates are possible on request.