Organizational Development

I advise and accompany organizations and companies in various ways to visibly change their development so that people are involved and change is effective and sustainable.

Changes and initiatives for shaping the future are essential components for the sustainable success of every organization and company.

What has to be considered?

Have you ever looked at an organization or a company like a pair of shoes?

Now I buy a pair of new shoes it takes time to break them in and I can move comfortably. It pinches and pinches in some places and after the break-in is overcome you will reach a satisfactory condition for a while. Depending on how I take care of my shoe (and myself) it will be comfortable for a shorter or longer period of time. It does not pinch anything and if it does, well, that is still possible a little bit. The latter is a question of conscious perception and attentiveness. Every person and therefore every organization changes, moves differently or to different places, walks in different terrain, under different conditions… with other people in a team.

Possible Topics:

We want to optimize our processes and use the competence and experience of our employees in a different way.
How do we achieve this?

With the introduction and further development of our IT system we want to improve our competitiveness and efficiency. We can only achieve this goal with motivated and qualified employees.
What do we take into account to make it successful?

Due to demographic change, more and more professionally competent and qualified experts are retiring. This is associated with the task of attracting new qualified employees and experts.
How do we make this process successful?